Al Michitsch – President

Al was born into the Marlande family as a son of one of the two original mechanics of the company which was started in 1961. As a child Al was taught early on by his father that attention to detail in every job or task was “key” to being not only proficient but expert in all phases of boiler room maintenance repair and care.

Al began his full time career in his chosen field in 1976 after it was apparent that he was better suited to working with his hands as opposed to sitting in a classroom. He started in Marlande Heating by performing all of the manual tasks required of a boiler mechanic from cleaning boilers to basic maintenance to the most complicated and sophisticated wiring and repairs required of a top notch mechanic. For years he was the lead mechanic in Marlandes staff and his duties included Department of Air Resources compliance as well as trouble shooting the most sophisticated problems. At the age of 25 Al received his “A” oil burning equipment installers liscence while working under the supervision of Harold Levy, the owner of Marlande Heating at that time. Al has seen the industry change from the oldest oil burning technology to the newest state of the art systems installed today.
When Al’s father retired in 1991 Al left the field work, which he had enjoyed and excelled at for years, and joined the office staff at Marlande heating. Al quickly brought his own expertise and perspective to the office and implemented a new order to the manner in which Marlande Heating approached service and installations. Under his tenure as service manager Marlande Heating reached new heights in size and sales. In 1992 Al was offered an opportunity to join in the ownership of Marlande Heating along with Bob Horstmann and Stanley Majkowski. He eagerly took advantage of this opportunity. In 1997, upon the retirement of Harold Levy, Al and his partners took over full ownership and responsiobility of the company.
As President of Marlande Heating Al oversees all aspects of the operation of the company. He spends the majority of his time managing the never ending problems with cash flow and operation fo a progressive growing company. In the past several years Al has taken great pride in the addition of his two sons, Rob & Dan to the Marlande family. The Michitsch family now boasts three generations of employee’s at Marlande. With his sons now involved in day to day operations Al looks forward to a prosperous future filled with growth and solving challenges as they arise.
Bob Horstmann – Vice President

Bob was born in 1963 in NYC and is the son of one of the original mechanics of Marlande Heating. Bob would routinely accompany his father as a child on service calls and has seen the industry evolve from one of old rotary style oil burners to today’s state of the art air atomizing oil technology.

Bob attended Cornell University and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelors of Science. He had worked at Marlande Heating during summers and winter vacations during his high school/college career and never intended to make this his profession. After his graduation he realized that his interest in the heating industry was one that he wanted to pursue and therefore returned to his “roots”

Bob joined Marlande Heating full time in 1986. He quickly progressed to become a well known and respected service technician with a good understanding of not only burner operation but also to full system integration to the building. He believes that it is imperative that all components in the heating/domestic hot water production system work well together. The net result should always be to produce a system that provides the best most efficient operation while meeting the requirements of building.
In 1996 Bob, as well as Al Michitsch and Stan Majkowski had the opportunity to become partners in the ownership of Marlande Heating. He willingly took advantage of this opportunity. Over the next seven years he worked along with Mr. Harold Levy, the principal owner, to maintain and improve upon the services that Marlande Heating was able to provide. The staff at Marlande Heating began to grow along with the ability of Marlande to take on bigger and more advanced projects. Under Bob’s supervision the installation design and installation of new complete boiler room systems began to flourish. Bob’s reluctance to criticize the work that others was doing without being able to provide a better project was a driving force in this development. Bob believes in the use of state of the art equipment that maximizes efficiency while still providing a system that is user friendly and will serve the building for decades when properly maintained.
Bob holds his “Class A Oil Burner Equipment Installers License” from the NYC Department of Buildings and proudly will utilize his twenty five years of experience to help his clients in solving any problem in the boiler room.

Frank Spadaccini – Service Manager

Frank was born in 1962 in NJ. He is similar to his office peers, Bob Horstmann and Al Michitsch,as he is the son of a well respected boiler/burner service technician. Growing up, Frank would periodically accompany his father on service calls and in high school he would spend his summers working with his father. In 1981 he joined the Navy and successfully completed their Nuclear Power Program becoming a nuclear machinist mate. He devoted 6 years on Submarines serving his country.

After being Honorably Discharged in 1987, Frank pursued a career in the heating industry. In a short period of time, he himself became a well respected service technician. Five years after beginning his career in the heating industry he obtained his Class “A” Oil Burner Equipment Installers License” from the NYC Department of Buildings. As a burner service mechanic, his knowledge in burner control systems and his superior troubleshooting skills had made into a well sought commodity.

In 2001, searching for the opportunity to work with a company on the cutting edge of technology, Frank became a valuable member at Marlande Heating Corp. He is responsible for the day to day operations of both the service department and installations. Frank is also the Quality Control Manager for our boiler welding repair program and played a vital role obtaining a New York State Repair Certificate for Marlande Heating.

Frank and his wife Joanne, reside in Norwood, NJ, where Frank serves as a member of his churches Parish Council providing his mechanical expertise. He is also has been chairperson for Camp Acorns annual golf outing for the past 6 years. Camp Acorn is a camp for children and young adults with varying disabilities, . Frank and Joanne are parents to 3 wonderful children and is an avid golfer.